HBO & Cinemax Release Full Halloween Schedule

Some more spooktacular horror marathons are coming your way from HBO and Cinemax, who recently released their Halloween horror movie schedule. Which will run from October 28th to Halloween night. There will be a great mix of horror for everyone, from classics to new favorites!

Some films that I recommend from the list are both of The Conjuring films, Emilie, Perkins '14 and Totem, which is a new film from Blumhouse Productions [new poster below]

HBO – Halloween Weekend Movie Marathon Airtimes are ET/PT on HBO Zone, with all films available to stream on demand on HBO NOW and HBO GO.

Saturday, October 28th 8:05am – WITHIN 9:35am – THE NINTH GATE 11:50am – SCREAM 2 1:50pm – SCREAM 3 3:50pm – THE CONJURING 5:45pm – THE CONJURING 2 10:00pm – THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR

Sunday, October 29th 2:45am – PERKINS’ 14 4:20am – VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED 6:00am – ABANDON 7:43am – STIR OF ECHOES 9:25am – STIR OF ECHOES 2: HOMECOMING 10:55am – KRAMPUS 12:35pm – THE ORDER 2:20pm – DARK WATER 4:05pm – EMELIE 5:30pm – THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT 6:55pm – BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2 8:30pm – HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION 10:00pm – THE AMITYVILLE HORROR 11:30pm – FROM WITHIN

Monday, October 30th 1:00am – SEE NO EVIL 2:25am – THE DARKNESS 4:00am – PHANTASM II

Cinemax – Halloween Movie Marathon Airtimes are ET/PT on Cinemax (main channel), with all films available to stream on demand on MAX GO.

Tuesday, October 31st 6:00am – RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR 7:40am – SPECIES 9:30am – THE OMEN 11:25am – AS ABOVE/SO BELOW 1:00pm – DEAD CALM 2:40pm – FRIDAY THE 13TH 4:20pm – MORGAN 5:55pm – ORPHAN 8:00pm – AMERICAN PSYCHO 9:45pm – AMERICAN PSYCHO II: ALL AMERICAN GIRL 11:15pm – RUPTURE 1:00am – TOTEM 2:30am – LIKE.SHARE.FOLLOW 4:00am – ORPHAN

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