Trailer Unleashed For Bigfoot Film 'Primal Rage'

Creature features are among my favorite films when they're done right. It mainly comes down to special effects, I want practical effects, not CGI. To me, this is a HUGE part of what makes a good creature film. Primal Rage looks like it will feature some amazing special effects, especially on the Sasquatch! The film is the first directorial effort from Patrick Magee, who did special effects for Beyond Re-Animator, Dark Ride, and Zombie Strippers. The film will have its world premier at the forthcoming Cinepocalyse in Chicago this November.

Be sure to watch the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments!


“A newly reunited young couple’s drive through the Pacific Northwest turns into a nightmare as they are forced to face nature, unsavory locals, and a monstrous creature, known to the Native Americans as Oh-Mah.”