[Short Film] 'Treaters' Is One Of The Best Things You'll Watch This Halloween

Are you a fan of Trick 'r Treat or Tales of Halloween? If so, you're gonna love Treaters! It feels like it belongs in those aforementioned films. This one is the perfect addition to your Halloween.


"Directed by Peter Stanley-Ward, the 8-minute short centers on a gang of three kids, led by a mysterious, clown-faced mastermind, who stage the sweetest heist of their lives on Halloween."

“We’re all huge fans of Halloween and the awesome entertainment culture that surrounds this time of year,” said Stanley-Ward. “It’s always been an ambition of ours to make a Halloween movie so this season we decided to do it. We’ve jam-packed humour, jump scares and action into eight minutes and hopefully audiences will have as much fun watching it as we did it making it.”

If you loved it as much as we did, be sure to check out the Treehouse Digital website, where you can purchase Treaters merchandise and watch behind the scenes videos!

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