Get Cooking With 'The Necronomnomnom'

A book of delicious evil is on the way from Mike Slater and Thomas Roache of Red Duke Games. 'The Necronomnomnom', this Lovecraft-inspired cookbook was originally pitched as an audio book, until the two realized, “You never read the evil spellbook out loud!

Unlock it's secrets, and call forth dishes that will destroy your hunger and flay your taste buds - in the good way! From beverages, to breakfast, to dessert, this book has some damnably good recipe's and meals!

The Kickstarter campaign for the cookbook quickly hit its crowdfunding goal $27,500 and has nearly doubled it since! At the time of this article, there's still a month left to go in the campaign. This leaves plenty more time to reach stretch goals and bonuses! 'The Necronomnomnom' will be available in both digital and hardcover formats.

Head on over the the Kickstarter page and score yourself a copy of this magnificent looking cookbook and bonuses while you still can!

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