Orca: The Killer Whale Swims To A Blu-ray Release

Australia’s Umbrella Entertainment has been dishing out great killer creature blu-rays left and right lately! With killer boar flick Razorback, killer croc classic Dark Ages, and most recently Silver Bullet, Umbrella definitely knows what they're doing when it comes to releasing great entertainment!

Now they've announced another fantastic blu-ray release that will arrive next month. Orca: The Killer Whale, a Jaws clone but a damn good one at that! It stands out above all of the knock-off and holds it's own. If you haven't seen this one then I highly recommend you do so when it releases on December 8th!


Captain Nolan (Oscar® nominee Richard Harris, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone) is a man of the sea. Brave and headstrong, he is a fisherman who takes up the fight of his life against one of nature’s most fearsome creatures – the killer whale. Orca seeks to avenge the death of his pregnant mate, left murdered in blood red waters. Rising from the ocean, leaving behind it a wake of destruction and mayhem, the deadly marine creature lures his human adversaries to a match of wits and survival in the chilly arctic waters.

Also starring Bo Derek (10), Charlotte Rampling(The Night Porter), Will Sampson (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), Keenan Wynn (Dr. Strangelove) and Robert Carradine (Django Unchained) and featuring the music of award winning composer Ennio Morricone, ORCA is a thrilling aquatic adventure of breathtaking scope.

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