Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Is Getting It's Own Documentary

The absolutely fantastic documentary Crystal Lake Memories covered the entire Friday the 13th franchise as a whole but that doesn't mean there isn't more to learn. There are still stories left untold.

We've learned that in addition to a Friday the 13th: Part 3 documentary, there's also a Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday one in the works!

The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees: The Making of the Final Friday is directed by Nick Hunt and produced by Adam Marcus [director of Jason Goes to Hell]. The film will provide an in-depth and never before seen look into the infamous Jason film. Read the following press release for more info!

Via the press release:

“Through interviews and behind the scenes details, you will understand the unique landscape the series was in at the time, having just changed studios and already being on the road to the eventual Freddy vs. Jason film which wouldn’t see release for another 8 years. You will see the unusual hand Adam Marcus was dealt and the immense pressure and scrutiny which was placed on him during production. And you will see genre greats, both who were in the film and not, weigh in on Jason’s journey to hell.

In Jason Goes to Hell, you learned secrets about Jason you never knew before! In The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees, you will understand what was and what could have been about The Final Friday!”

Said Hunt, “Jason Goes to Hell is one of the most highly criticized but highly talked about entries in the entire franchise and in my estimation it took pure balls to make that film. I want this documentary to clear things up and for people to hear it directly out of the horse’s mouth. I want them to hear The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Plus get up-close-and-personal with all of the people that were involved in making the film.”

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