Horror Anthology '60 Seconds To Die' Gets A Trailer

Horror anthology films are great when they're done right and have unique qualities to them. 60 Seconds to Die looks as though it will be one of those films. It's appealing feature? The film is made of a ton of minute-long horror tales from a ton of indie writers and directors. That aspect alone makes this one a must see for me!

The movie will be hitting DVD on December 5th via Cinedigm. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you'll be seeking this one out upon it's release. You can also pre-order a copy of the film HERE.


60 Seconds to Die is a non-stop, heart-pounding, horror anthology, uniting the most amazing new filmmakers from across the globe to create a new dimension in terror. Modern Day Video Grindhouse, in the style of the most shocking and gritty movies of the 70’s, 60 Seconds to Die will grind you up and spit you out. Thrill to tales of bizarre and heinous crimes, many of which are too real to believe, but believe you should, as these graphic depictions of death and murder are based on real life occurrences. 60 Seconds to Die is the new face of horror, bringing together a collective vision of modern horror to light the fuel for a nightmarish bonfire.

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