Horror-Comedy 'Rockula' Is Releasing On Blu-ray For The First Time

Scream Factory has been announcing exciting new releases left and right this week! Today's announcement comes in the form of a new Blu-ray release for the 1990 horror-comedy Rockula. This will mark the films first time on Blu-ray!

The release will feature an all-new HD transfer and goes on sell March 20th, 2018.

“Ralph (Dean Cameron, Summer School) is just your typical, average vampire with love in his heart, music in his veins — and a curse on his head. Every 22 years, poor Ralph is doomed to lose his soulmate, Mona, at the hands of a rhinestone-peg-legged pirate brandishing a large hambone (just go with us on this). But this time around, with the help of his newly-formed band Rockula, Ralph is determined to crush the curse once and for all — and show Mona that when you’re a vampire, true love is eternal … and rock ‘n’ roll never dies!

Directed by Luca Bercovici (Ghoulies) and featuring an eclectic cast of co-stars, including cult favorite Susan Tyrrell (Forbidden Zone) and recording stars Thomas Dolby, Toni Basil, and Bo Diddley, Rockula is an absolutely batty, bloody bizarre comedy!”

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