'Dead By Daylight' Winter Solstice Update Is Now Live

Welcome to the Winter Fog!

The Dead by Daylight Winter Solstice event has begun!

Every year since the dawn of civilization, the same gatherings and rituals happen again and again. Before deep winter begins, the longest and darkest night is celebrated. It varies across cultures and places, but in the World of The Entity, it really means only one thing: the longer the night, the more sacrifices. Some things just never change. What does change, sometimes, is the setting in which they happen. The Entity has decided to make the repeated last hours of its victims a cold-blooded killing festival. Winter colors, decorated hooks, firecrackers, gifts and achievements...

New features & contents include:

  • Added 3 new achievements for the Winter season: Holiday Get-Together, Milk ‘n’ Cookies and Happy Holidays

  • Added a new Winter skin for the Mystery Boxes in the Bloodweb. We are feeling generous this Winter season! The Winter Mystery Boxes will appear at every level of the Bloodweb, and will contain new rewards!

  • The regular mystery box reward with higher rarity tier weighting

  • Multiple versions of the mystery boxes will have cheaper bloodpoints costs

  • Added a new Winter themed head customization for all original Killers

  • Added a new Winter themed skin for the hooks, barrels and lockers in all levels

  • Added a new Winter variation of the Chinese Firecracker item (can be found in chests and in the bloodweb)

  • Added new menu and lobby music for the Winter season

  • Added various Winter accessories (snow piles, lanterns, snowman and blinking lights) and added falling snow in the main menu and lobbies

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