SYFY's 'Z Nation' Renewed For Fifth Season

Fans of SyFy's Z Nation rejoice! It's not over after tonight's season finale! The show has been renewed for a fifth season as announced by David Latt of The Asylum via Twitter. So you can expect more shambling adventures in 2018!

No go forth and enjoy tonight's 2 hour, Season 4 finale, "Mt. Weather/The Black Rainbow". I've included a synopsis of what to expect from the finale below.

Synopsis: In the mind-bending two-hour Season 4 finale, Warren and the team must stop Zona from launching operation Black Rainbow, which will cleanse the landscape of both zombies and humans. In Part 2 the secret of Warren’s Black Rainbow dream is unlocked when they reach their final destination. The cast includes Kellita Smith as Roberta Warren, Keith Allan as Murphy, Russell Hodgkinson as Doc, Nat Zang as 10K, Gracie Gillam as Sgt. Lilley, DJ Qualls as Citizen Z, Ramona Young as Kaya, Justin Torrence as President Donald Trump, Michael Berryman as The Founder, Micheal Daks as Mr. Sunshine, Anastasia Baranova as Addy, Sydney Viengluang as Sun Mei, Joseph Gatt as The Man, and Natalie Jongjaroenlarp as Red.

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