Massacre Video Is Re-Releasing 'Hack-O-Lantern' On Blu-ray

Did you miss your chance to grab Massacre Video's Limited Blu-ray release for Hack-O-Lantern? If so, fret not, they'll be re-releasing the Blu-ray this coming January in a single disc format.

The Blu-ray is slated to release January 30th, 2018.


When Tommy was a boy, he saw his grandpa (Hy Pyke), the leader of a vicious satanic cult, murder his father in a brutal ritual on Halloween night. Now Tommy (Gregory Scott Cummins) is 18 and grandpa is ready to indoctrinate him into the ways of the black arts. But as night approaches, someone dressed like a member of the cult, whose face is hidden behind a devilish mask, begins stalking and killing people connected to tommy. Could it be grandpa, Tommy himself, or someone even more sinister behind these increasingly brutal murders?

Directed by Jag Mundhra (OPEN HOUSE, THE JIGSAW MURDERS) and featuring atmospheric photography by Stephen Ashley Blake (DEADLY PREY), HACK-O-LANTERN is a lurid mix of slasher, Giallo and supernatural horror, set in a frenzied world of Satanic Panic.


  • New 2K restoration from the original camera negative.

  • Remastered 2.0 stereo mix and original mono mix.

  • Newly recorded audio commentary with producer Raj Mehrotra.

  • English language captions.

  • Isolated soundtrack option.

  • The Power Is In The Blood featurette (featuring interviews with stars Gregory Scott Ummings and Katina Garner).

  • Rare public access interview featuring Katina Garner, Marya Gant and director Jag Mundhra.

  • Behind the scenes photos.

  • Trailers for other Massacre Video Releases.

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