Gathr 'Behind The Mask' Showing Canceled

We are sad to inform you that ‘Behind the Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon’ hosted by CryptTeaze will not be showing. Everyone who bought a ticket will not be charged. Thank you for those of you that donated and or wanted to come out.

What We Did Vs. What We Will Do

Many people who have a passion and interest to build up their passion for films use what is called Gathr. Gathr is a great source to use, to avoid licensing a movie to show in theaters, especially if you are selling tickets to do so. Gathr also allows you to sell tickets to pay for a theater spot.

We felt like this was an easier route to depend on Gathr in a span of two months to gain a total of 70 tickets. This didn't go well.

This route has not worked for us and we are deciding to do this on our own, obtaining licenses to show various films in a theater where WE pay for the time and space.

We want to show films that were not allowed to thrive in theaters. We want to show you our passion for Horror films ranging from obscure, cult classics, to balsy cheesey gore fests.

Once again we are sorry for the inconvenience and hope that for our next showing you keep supporting us!

Subscribe to us if you want further Horror updates and updates for showings located in Maumee, OH. Thanks!


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