'Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor' Is Getting A "Final Cut" Blu-ray In 2018

Back in 2002, the Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit DVD box set was released. One of its key features being a bonus disc containing 30 minutes of production footage from an unfinished sequel, which would’ve been the fourth installment in the franchise.

Sleepaway Camp IV was finished in 2012 with the addition of footage from the previous films. It was then released on DVD and limited edition VHS.

Via Wikipedia:

“Filming began in October 1992 at Camp Tamarack in Oakland, New Jersey. Unfortunately Double Helix Films, the film’s production company, went bankrupt during this time, causing the production to shut down. Roughly 34 minutes of footage was shot before shut down. However, it was completed in 2012 by mixing the original footage with archive footage from the previous three films, and was given its own release.”

Over the weekend, Sleepaway Camp Films announced that The Survivor will be released on Blu-ray in 2018 and contain a new “Final Cut” of the film.

SLEEPAWAY CAMP 4 COMING TO BLU-RAY! It's true, for those wishing to complete the saga on their collection (there's still one more yet to hit blu-ray, but we have no control over that one). The DVD is now on moratorium as we commence to completely recompile the movie, from the campground up! The new edition will the "final cut", be in hi-definition remastered quality and contain new extras. This long-lost sequel combined the original trilogy into one feature jam-packed with hidden easter eggs & revelations for the eagle-eyed hardcore fans - not to mention all 30 death scenes in a cavalcade of carnage, Angela-style! At this stage, we're looking to gage interest so we can determine the number of copies we do for the run, so if this is something you're interested in purchasing - LET US KNOW HERE! If you're not interested, no need to let us know - we understand, you need to save up for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Note: Cover art TBD.

Be sure to visit the Sleepaway Camp Facebook Page and let them know that you want this Blu-ray in your collection!

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