Fright Rags January Releases Include 'Misery', 'Chucky', and 'Evil Dead'

One of the best horror merch companies, Fright Rags, is wasting no time at all by diving into the new year with a multitude of fear-tastic new products!

First up we have the Evil Dead 2 lounge pants, available in two groovy designs which are priced at $27.00 each. I can vouch for these pants and their quality as I own a pair myself. Their very comfortable and feature great picture quality!

Next up is their Misery T-shirt featuring Robert Giusti's original artwork from the Stephen King novel. This desgn is available in men's and women's sizes as tees or a zip-up hoodie.

Lastly, releasing on Wednesday, January 17th, is the Chucky collection. This collection will feature new shirt designs, socks, and enamel pins. All based on everyone's favorite serial killer doll from the Child's Play franchise.

Will you be picking up any of this horror-ific new merch for yourself? Let us know in the comments! Check out the photos below and visit Fright Rags store for more!


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