Totally Brutal 'Deathgasm' Drinking Game From DreadCentral

I just HAD to share this "Drinking With The Dread" featuring Jason Lei Howden’s metal masterpiece Deathgasm!

Deathgasm is by far one of my favorites of all time, I own three damn versions of the the film! Metal, gore, demons, comedy, what more could I ask for in a movie!

So gather up all of your metalhead buds, some cases of your favorite brews and give this drinking a go! Many thanks to Matt Donato at DreadCentral for coming up with this awesomeness!

"Here are the unholiest of rules for Drinking With The Dread’s Deathgasm Drinking Game:

  1. Drink every a new metal track kicks in (including original content).

  2. Drink every time there’s some kind of head trauma (beheadings, bludgeonings, whacks, thwaps, anything).

  3. Drink every time a band name is spoken (if you REALLY want to get drunk – at your own risk – change this to every time you hear *or* read a band name).

  4. Drink every time “Aeloth,” “The Black Hymn” or “The Blind One” is uttered.

  5. Drink every time there’s a reference to “metalheads” or metal horns are shown (TWO SIPS FOR THE HANDSHAKE!).

  6. TAKE A SHOT WHEN either Brodie or Medina transport to that Mt. Olympus coming-of-rage fantasy location. You pick who you want to honor (note it only happens once for each, so that’s your choice!).

My fridge was loaded with 12 oz. cans of Budweiser (Bud heavy of course) at the time of my testing, and these rules ran me into three cans. Depending on your sip or gulp sizing, have about three cans at your disposal for consumption (four for sure if you’re playing the “hear or read” *advised against* rule). Oh, and with Deathgasm running a brisk 86 minutes, I’m inclined to remind you all about responsible responsible drinking. Please feel free to dial down the rules – then go listen to Smash Mouth and nurse a Zima or whatever it is that weak people do.

Out of all the films I’ve forced upon my movie-loving friends, no title holds a better crowd-pleasing average than Deathgasm. Jason Lei Howden beats a sledgehammer of satanic absurdity that blasts like a warcry without ever stopping for air (the man *lives* metal, ever-evident and enthusiastically appreciated). Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, Kimberley Crossman – the entire cast is comfortable in their corpse paint and never comes across as posers. This is a crazy train from Hell with no brakes, responsible for my newfound infatuation with bands like Skull Fist and Elm Street. Assemble your crew, crack your brews and pray to Dio you make it out alive.

Those who accept my blasphemous challenge, be sure to hit the comments and let me know how these rules hold up! Too strong, too weak, too metal – you tell me so I can tailor next month’s Drinking With The Dread just right.