[Trailer] 'The Cure' Reverses The Effects Of Zombification

We've seen countless people become zombies in movies, but rarely do we ever get to see the effects of zombification reversed. All that will change when The Cured gets a limited theatrical and VOD release on February 23rd. As the title infers, the plot centers around those who became zombies but regained their humanity. Though the nightmare of living as undead has been overcome, those who return are still damaged by the experience.

The Cured is written and directed by David Freyne and stars Ellen Page, Peter Campion, and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor.


The film unfolds in the aftermath of a devastating virus which transformed the infected into zombie-like monsters. Mankind is struggling to rebuild societies deeply divided between the uninfected and those who did succumb to the virus and are still haunted by their violent actions. In the backdrop, the rise of a terrorist movement threatens to plunge the world into chaos again.


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