Eerie And Atmospheric Trailer For Estonian Film 'November'

Oscilloscope Laboratories has announced a release date for Rainer Sarnet’s November. Based on the best-selling novel Rehepapp by Andrus Kivirähk. The film hits theaters in New York on February 23 and Los Angeles on March 2.

Be sure to check out the trailer and synopsis below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Synopsis: “NOVEMBER is set in a pagan Estonian village where werewolves, the plague, and the spirits roam. The villagers’ main problem is how to survive the cold, dark winter. And, to that aim, nothing is taboo. People steal from each other, from their German manor lords, from spirits, the devil, and from Christ. They are willing to give away their souls to thieving creatures made of wood and metal called kratts, who help their masters whose soul they purchased steal even more.

Young Liina (Rea Lest) is hopelessly in love with Hans (Jörgen Liik), a nearby farm-hand, whose heart she loses to the daughter of the German manor lord. In order to regain his love, Liina turns to any means necessary, even if that means tapping into the black magic that is circling around the village. Estonian pagan legends and Christian mythologies come to a spell-binding intersection in NOVEMBER.”