Pre-Order The 'Grindsploitation Trilogy' On Blu-ray From Troma

Troma Entertainment's Grindsploitation Trilogy features Over 6 Hours of Faux Film trailers, Short Films and More!!! Available for PRE-ORDER in a Blu-Ray box, courtesy of Troma. Official release date will be April 10, 2018. With 3X the gore, sex, blood, and violence, the Grindsplotation Trilogy is an abundance of faux film trailers, short films, and nostalgic features harkening back to the era of exploitation and grindhouse cinema. Each film compiles over 20 directors from around the world producing a new wave of cold blooded talent. There is terror, horror, comedy, and science fiction for you to experience with almost 100 films in total! Make sure your doors are locked, popcorn at your side, and that you are ready to experience something that you have never seen before! SPECIAL FEATURES: - Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman (Creator of The Toxic Avenger). - Film Selection with Each Short Film within the 'Trilogy' - Original Film Trailers from Troma Entertainment's Own Grindhouse Cinema - Classic Troma Public Service Announcements, And More!