Resident Evil: Vendetta Original Soundtrack Double LP Now Available

Another day, another world-ending super virus. (No, we're not talking about the flu.) We suppose if things were always great, they wouldn't need have a need for the BSAA. At least the music is great even if things aren't exactly looking up. If you haven't seen this amazing CGI movie, first off, why not? Second, do it for the music. We promise you won't be disappointed. This exclusive vinyl brought to us by renowned composer Kenji Kawai captures the thrill and suspense of Resident Evil on a double LP.

The soundtrack is available in three different variants: G-Virus, A-Virus, and Mutation. The first will only be available through while the other two will be available through SpaceLab9‘s website.

"A new virus, an even deadlier threat! From the CG-animated film based upon the wildly popular survival horror video game series from Capcom, the album features the full 30 track original soundtrack by famed composer Kenji Kawai."

G-Virus Variant

A-Virus Variant

Mutation Variant