[Review] BOX

"It was never meant to be opened."

First off, we'd like to thank Jimmy Dempster for sending us a sceener of this new short film. BOX, a psychological horror thriller directed by Lee Thongkham, surprised us with it's above average production value and heartfelt acting. Lee Thongkham did a great job transitioning from scene to scene with and adding an artistic perspective. We found that the director's way of reflecting the main characters mental state was very unique and intriguing. BOX is a great example of what a short film should be, well filmed, well acted, and serves a purpose. It's not just another pointless short film without meaning. BOX will surprise and thrill fans of the genre. Check this one out if you get the opportunity.

'BOX' is currently seeking festival screening across the U.S for the summer.


When a man commits an accidental murder he quickly dumps the body and rushes home only to find a large ominous wooden box on his doorstep. Frightened the man follows its instructions and brings the Box in the house where he proceeds to have nightmarish visions. Is he losing his mind? Is someone playing a trick on him or does someone know what he has done?

BOX is directed Lee Thongkham (The Last One, Punisher Outbreak) and starsJimmy Dempster (Devious Maids, One Night Of Fear, Swamp Murders, The Originals).

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