Umbrella Entertainment Releasing 'Beyond Re-Animator' On Blu-ray For The First Time

Prepare yourselves this June for an onslaught of mad science and the living dead as Umbrella Entertainment rolls out all three classic RE-ANIMATOR films on Blu-ray!

"Leading the charge is our 2-disc collector's edition of Stuart Gordon’s seminal RE-ANIMATOR - including both the theatrical and integral cuts of the film, along with a bevy of special features.

Following that up is the undead double feature of BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR, and in a world-first on Blu-Ray, BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR. Directed by Brian ‘Society’ Yuzna, and featuring genre icon Jeffrey Combs returning in the titular role, 'Bride of' and 'Beyond' continue the gore-soaked insanity of the original. Including the unrated and r-rated cuts of 'Bride of Re-Animator' and a collection of great extras, horror and Lovecraft fans are not going to want to miss this!"

Keep an eye on the Umbrella Entertainment Facebook and Instagram pages for more details and pre-order info!


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