Unearthed Films Launches New Streaming Channel

Do you prefer your horror movies on the more extreme side with an extra serving of blood and guts? Well I've got great news for you!

Unearthed Films, the studio behind films like American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock and A Serbian Film, have launched their own streaming channel on Vimeo!

Via Morbidly Beautiful: "Many of these titles have eluded fans searching for streaming content, in large part because other VOD platforms have refused to carry these controversial films — heavily censoring their content and limiting the options for us fans. But in comes [Unearthed Founder Stephen] Biro, addressing this issue and creating this much-needed channel, promising to cater to the more bloodthirsty of fans with frequently added content.

From films focusing on Serial Killers — like Atroz, Lex Ortega’s murderous rampage in Mexico City, and Phil Stevens’ gritty and filthy Flowers — to Todd Sheets’ exploitation excellence with Dreaming Purple Neon and the relentless body horror of American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock via Marcus Koch, The Unearthed Films Extreme Horror Channel on Vimeo has you covered."


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