Killer Shark Flick 'Great White' Gets A Terrifying Poster

I have an insane fear of sharks but for some strange reason I'm fascinated with watching shark films and documentaries. This only increases my fear of deep bodies of water and the creatures that lurk there.

When I saw this poster for Great White it sent a chill up my spine and yet I can't wait to see it! Check it out and comment your biggest fear below!

Synopsis: What should have been a tourist trip to remember, quickly turns into a living nightmare when five passengers on a seaplane become stranded, miles away from shore. What follows is a desperate bid for survival as the group try to make it to land before they either run out of supplies or are taken by the man-eating sharks lurking just beneath the surface.

Great White will be directed by Martin Wilson from a script written by Michael Boughen and is produced by The Reef and The Pack producers Michael Robertson and Neal Kingston (Nerve). The same producing duo are behind crocodile thriller Black Water: The Abyss.

The film is now in pre-production, with filming expected to begin later this year.


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