Second "Fangoria Presents" Novel Announced

Fangoria Presents has unveiled the second book that will be released through their label and it’s Michael J. Seidlinger’s My Pet Serial Killer.

"My Pet Serial Killer is set to be the second book published in a series of Fangoria Present’s titles, presented by iconic horror magazine Fangoria. Fangoria presents branded novels will pair stories that blend the literary with the horrific for unique reading experiences.

Dexter meets Secretary in Michael J. Seidlinger's provocative, disturbing literary thriller that reinvents the serial killer genre, exploring the psychology of desire.

Claire is a student of forensic science, Victor is the Gentleman Killer. Subverting expectations, Clair seduces Victor and keeps him in her apartment as her pet—her darkest secret—before taking to the road to revisit her past pets in one final, bonechilling conclusion. Beautifully written, provocative to read, Seidlinger delves into Claire's motivations and impetus to present a compelling psychosexual portrait of a woman obsessed with performance, with power, with sex, and with gore."