'The Cabin In The Woods' Collection Now Available From Fright-Rags

This merch collection is long overdue! Drew Goddard's absolutely fantastic film The Cabin In The Woods is often overlooked, so it's great to see it get some much deserved love from the folks at Fright-Rags!

The collection features three new super-soft tees with new designs by Justin Osbourn, Abrar Ajmal and Kyle Crawford! And introduces the new SYSTEM PURGE Blind-Box Enamel Pins! (Pin artwork created by Matt Ryan Tobin.) Each pin is individually packaged randomly in a collectible “Elevator” blind box! You'll only know your fate when you open the box! Will you *finally* see the dreaded Merman? Maybe the terrifyingly toothy Sugarplum Fairy? Or, if you're really lucky, it will be the ultra-rare UNICORN pin (only 50 available!).

Order now from Fright-Rags!



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