The 1982 Sci-Fi Horror Film 'Parasite' Is Getting A Limited Edition VHS Release

Full Moon and WIZARD VIDEO will be re-releasing Parasite in an EXACT clone of its initial VHS release. This will be a SUPER limited edition run - only 1000 copies made - and only 300 will be made available to fans, signed and numbered, via

The film stars craggy-faced Robert Glaudini as a rogue scientist in a Nuke-ravaged future who invents a parasite that his sinister corporate employers have commissioned to control what's left of the population. Or something. The "why" doesn't really matter, all that matters is that Glaudini has one lodged in his guts and another in a coffee thermos and he hits the road with the toothy monsters, laser-gun-toting bad guys on his tail. Along the way he bumps up against a very young Demi Moore (this was her first film, in fact), future Ghoulies director Luca Bercovici, Cheryl Smith (Laserblast), Guys and Dolls legend Vivian Blaine and former The Runaways teen rock Queen Cherie Currie. Naturally the parasite in the can gets out, bites Currie's leg and then skitters off in search of more people to suck.

With early FX by future Oscar winner Stan Winston, a haunting, experimental score by the great Richard Band (echoing Jerry Goldsmith's music for Planet of the Apes) and atmospheric photography by Mac Ahlberg (Puppet Master), Parasite has a richly cinematic feel, even if you DON'T see it in its native 3D, which most people have never seen anyway.