Super 8 Film 'Ninja Zombie' Coming To DVD From AGFA

The next release from AGFA [American Genre Film Archive] and Bleeding Skull is the Super 8 production Ninja Zombie. Available on DVD October 9th!

Black vest. No shirt. No fear. NO RULES!! Young karate expert Jack is stabbed through the heart by the vile Spithrachne, a martial arts cultist with a spider drawn on his face. Luckily, local voodoo master/tennis enthusiast Brother Banjo revives Jack from the dead to seek revenge as Ninja Zombie! Shot on Super 8 in Chicago and never released on any format, Ninja Zombie is an unrelenting ruckus of supernatural threats and high-kicking vengeance. If you’ve ever wished for a mutant mix of The Toxic Avenger, 1980s Marvel Comics, and a 12-year-old’s unfiltered imagination, prepare to meet your new favorite movie.

NOTICE: Ninja Zombie was shot and edited on Super 8 film. This transfer is taken from the original BETA-SP master tapes.

Bonus Materials: ·Transferred from the original BETA-SP master tapes! ·Commentary track with director Mark Bessenger! ·Behind the scenes footage! ·IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE short film by Mark Bessenger! ·Interview with star John Beaton Hill! ·Reversible cover art with illustration by Kelsey Spencer!


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