[Blu-ray Review] 'Godmonster Of Indian Flats' Is As Bizarre As It Sounds

Before writing about this release a few weeks ago I had never heard of the Godmonster of Indian Flats, but after looking into the film a little more I knew that I had to see it! I want to thank AGFA for hooking me up with this wild and crazy Blu-ray to review.

I'll admit, I do enjoy a good western flick every now and again, which is probably why I enjoyed this film more than most. This is hands down one of the strangest films I've ever seen. The film features classic western vibes with some mad scientist, acid trip scenes thrown in for good measure. Honestly, my biggest complaint with the film is that there's not enough creature action. As cheesy and laughable as the "Godmonster" was, the most enjoyable scenes featured the 8 foot, mutated sheep, and sadly there's only about 15 minutes or so of those scenes.

All in all, I enjoyed my time with the Godmonster of Indian Flats, it is definitely a film that has to be seen to believe!

Now onto the restoration itself. AGFA did a great job restoring this film, the picture and sound qualities are a vast improvement over the clips I've seen from the "Riff Trax" episode. I only noticed a few issues, there are some scenes that are very dark, making it difficult to see anything. There are also a few moments of crackling and tearing that happen but nothing too detrimental to the movie experience. I also really enjoyed the inclusion of the feature length film The Legend of Bigfoot, but I love all things Bigfoot related.

While this film may not be for everyone, I recommend it to those who enjoy oddities of American cinema. All 89 minutes of Frederic Hobbs' mix of nature gone awry, sci-fi horror, and modern western action, are guaranteed to leave you bewildered!

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Synopsis: Gaseous vapors from an ancient mine cause the birth of a huge squealing embryo that is taken to the laboratory of a local mad doctor where it grows into a monstrous 8-foot mutant sheep. Got that? An 8-Foot Mutant Sheep!

Meanwhile, the racist mayor of a historic Wild West tourist town attempts to thwart the efforts of a black man buying real estate by attempting to lynch him! Plans go awry, however, when the giant, wool-covered Lamb from Hell escapes from the doctor's lab and starts waddling across the countryside. Spewing an orange phosphorous gas, the semi-prehistoric Godmonster of Indian Flats terrifies the population, blows up a gas station, and even "dances" with a deranged hippie chick until it's lassoed by cowboys. The mayor then startles everyone by putting "the damaged mongoloid beast" on display as "The 8th Wonder Of The World"! Starring cult favorite Stuart Lancaster (Mantis In Lace) as the malignant Mayor Silverdale, filmed in Virginia City, Nevada (an actual U.S. national historical monument!), and mixing science fiction, satire, and politics, the ultra-obscure Godmonster of Indian Flats is easily one of the weirdest, wackiest, oddballest monster movies ever made. Special Features:

  • NEW 4K RESTORATION OF THE FILM from the only surviving 35mm theatrical print

  • Rampaging monster trailers from the AGFA vaults

  • Berserker shorts from the Something Weird vaults

  • Bonus Movie: THE LEGEND OF BIGFOOT (1975), a new 2K scan from an original theatrical print

  • Reversible cover art with illustration by Shana Cleveland