Camp Motion Pictures Releasing 'Splatter Farm' 30th Anniversary VHS

Camp Motion Pictures announced it will unveil the long-anticipated 30th Anniversary Splatter Farm Big Box VHS & DVD Collection Friday, July 6 at the Mahoning Drive-Inn VHS Fest in Mahoning, PA. Special guest is Splatter Farm star and co-director Mark Polonia of Polonia Brothers Entertainment, who will make the trip to greet fans and sign copies of this new iteration of his most notorious cult movie.

Shot on video in 1987, Splatter Farm achieved underground notoriety as part of the direct-to-video movement of the 1980s and continues to win new fans through consistent availability in new formats. Selected by Camp Motion Pictures’ owner Michael Raso in 2007 as part of Camp’s new “Retro 80s” sub-label – a curated DVD series showcasing outstanding, subversive and just plain cool shot-on-video and 16mm films – Splatter Farm was made available to a new generation of fans too young to have watched it on VHS; albeit in a new, director-approved cut. But nostalgia for the original Donna Michelle VHS version of the film remained strong, and with director Mark Polonia on board – and a VHS of the original version loaned to Camp by founder of film collective Horror Boobs Matt Desiderio – the new 30th anniversary edition was put into work.

Available on July 6th, the most comprehensive release of Splatter Farm to date includes:

·New VHS Big Box Packaging ·Original VHS Donna Michele cut of SPLATTER FARM on new VHS, nestled inside a replica of the original 1987 slip-sleeve ·2007 Polonia Brothers remastered edition SPLATTER FARM on DVD, with commentary by Mark and John Polonia ·“Back to the Farm” Documentary ·Early 8mm Polonia Brothers Gore Shorts ·Camp Motion Pictures trailer Vault ·“Monster Movie”, the final film from co-director John Polonia with commentary by Mark and John Polonia ·“How to Make a Monster Movie” featurette ·Deleted Scenes ·John Polonia tribute and Trailer Vault ·New Essay by Matt Desiderio, owner of Horror Boobs media brand and VHS enthusiast


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