Mondo Enlisted Jason Edmiston To Recreate 'Jaws' Poster For Upcoming Screen Print

In one of their most ambitious projects yet, Mondo and artist Jason Edmiston have teamed up for a special project involving the iconic Jaws poster. Instead of having an artist create art based on a film, Mondo enlisted Edmiston to recreate the original painting by Roger Kastel that has been lost since 1975!

Mondo’s release comes in two variants. Each is 24” by 36” and released as a limited edition of 280 posters. Available on July 3rd.

·There’s “JAWS by Roger Kastel,” a recreation of the original Jaws movie poster, with its bright blues and airbrushed away nudity.

·And “‘ The Shark’ by Roger Kastel,” which captures the original painting done for the paperback book release, before the addition of text. Later adapted for the movie poster, this version, like the original painting, has a darker, more toned-down color palette.

Newsweek has even more details on this exciting and unique project. Check it out if you're interested in learning more!


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