Roger Corman's 'The Wasp Woman' Buzzes Onto Blu-ray This October

Prepared to be stung this Fall when the 50's sci-fi thriller The Wasp Woman comes buzzing coming to Blu-ray with a new film transfer from Scream Factory!

Roger Corman, king of the cult classics produced and directed this cult classic, and even makes an uncredited appearance as a doctor in the film. Susan Cabot (Sorority Girl) plays Janice Starlin, whose cosmetic company has started to lose sales because its marketing relies on her own once-impressive but now aging beauty. The eccentric Dr. Eric Zinthrop (Michael Mark) develops an enzyme extract from royal wasp jelly, which rejuvenates Janice, with one tiny little side effect: It turns her into a monster! Written by frequent Corman collaborator Leo Gordon (The Terror, Tower of London), this chiller co-stars Anthony Eisley (The Naked Kiss) and Barboura Morris (A Bucket Of Blood).

National street date is October 30th but if you pre-order directly from Scream Factory they'll ship it out two weeks early!


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