[Review] Find Out What Happens When Art And Science Collide In 'Soft Matter'

Synopsis: Two graffiti artists break into an abandoned research facility in hopes of creating an art installation. Instead, they stumble upon a team of demented researchers who are in the process of resurrecting an ancient sea creature.

Yes, Jim Hickcox's debut feature Soft Matter is as batshit crazy as it sounds! Mixing early Peter Jackson films (Dead Alive, Bad Taste), pure '80s vibes, and a very colorful cast, Soft Matter is a film I've been looking forward to seeing since hearing about it a few months back and it was worth the wait!

Shortly after the film begins, we are introduced to Haircut (Devyn Placide), a graffiti artist that paints ghosts in "haunted locations" and Kish (Ruby Lee Dove II), his partner who “has connections in the art scene”. On their quest to help Haircut become the next big thing, they decide his next art showcase will be set up in an abandoned old hospital...that turns out to be not so abandoned.

Two very unstable doctors, Kriegspiel (Mary Anzalone) and Grist (Hal Schneider), have been using the facility to run experiments on the hospitals residents, in hopes of discovering the secrets to immortality. Their research has produced some very interesting side effects and in turn, summoned a sea goddess...into a mop bucket. Said sea goddess isn't too pleased with the doctor's and their pursuits and warns them to halt operations.

I'll stop there, if what I've told you has intrigued you then you'll have to watch the film to find out what happens when artists, doctors, and creatures collide in this totally bonkers flick!

I really love what Jim Hickcox has created with this film and look forward to seeing what he ventures into next. Soft Matter is definitely not a film for everyone, but if you go into the film knowing that it's completely insane and a goofy fun time, you'll find much enjoyment throughout the films 72 minute run-time.

Soft Matter is now available on DVD and VOD from Wild Eye Releasing.