[Trailer] 'Memento Mori' Is YOLO...Gone Terribly Wrong

Remember, you will die.

Producer Gypsy Productions and sales agency EuroObscura have unveiled the first trailer for Belgian psychological horror Memento Mori, recently screened at the Bruxelles International Fantastic Film Festival.

Synopsis: Memento Mori is a psychological horror thriller about a teenage girl who’s stuck in a coma, reliving key moments of a traumatic event. In the process of coping with her trauma, we discover piece by piece what has happened the night before at a pool party.

Directed by Michael Vermaercke, Memento Mori is the first feature movie helmed by Vermaercke, a young filmmaker from Flanders who has directed various short movies, the latest of which, The Disturber, won the first prize at the International Vampire Film Festival in Transylvania in 2016.


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