Deceased Reveal Cover Art For Long-Awaited New Hells Headbangers Album

Today, underground legends Deceased reveal the cover art for their LONG-awaited eighth album, Ghostly White, which will see release later this autumn via Hells Headbangers. Deceased are currently recording Ghostly White this September at Oblivion Studios; founding vocalist King Fowley will be producing the album. It will feature eight new tracks of the band's unique style of death metal from the grave. Song titles are "Mrs. Allardyce," "A Palpitation's Warning," "Germ Of Distorted Lore," "To Serve The Insane," "Endless Well," "Thoughts From A Leaking Brain," "The Shivers," and "Pale Surroundings". The cover art for Ghostly White was painted by Raul Gonzalez, who's worked with Deceased in the past; it can be viewed above. The album is tentatively set for a November release. More info to be revealed shortly.