88 Films Upcoming Blu-rays Include 'Popcorn', 'Body Melt', And More!

This morning, UK company 88 Films announced a bunch of exciting genre films that they'll be releasing on Blu-ray this October!

The films include 1991's Popcorn, 1993's splattery Body Melt, late-day Italian giallo Nightmare Beach [featuring a new 4K restoration], and Ozploitation flick Harlequin [1980]. Read on for more details pertaining to each release!

The Slasher Classics range nears number 40 on October 8th with Popcorn! Popcorn is Canadian slice and dice action par excellence - and returns to the good old days of splashed blood, high body counts and a mysterious killer as a young female screenwriter (played by the great Scream Queen Jill Schoelen from The Stepfather and Cutting Class) suffers nightmares of a strange figure who may well be breaking into the 'reel' world... Postmodern and provocative, and featuring a genre ensemble cast that includes Dee Wallace Stone (The Howling) and Kelly Jo Minter (The People Under The Stairs), Popcorn has maintained a following of macabre movie fans for decades since its release!

Specs and additional features to be announced.

Can you ever have enough Ozploitation? We say no - which is why October 22nd brings the mesmerizing flesh-oozing gore of the classic Body Melt (1993) to 88 Vault!!! Love Street Trash? Then expect to lap up this superior Melbourne-born cousin and all-round macabre masterpiece of VHS-era splat-stick shock!

This on is for the Italian horror buffs - international Blu-ray premiere, on October 22nd, of classic late-day giallo Nightmare Beach (1988). Miami detective John Saxon (A Nightmare on Elm Street) tries to keep ahead of a black gloved murder spree in this carnage-packed, gore gem overseen by the late Umberto Lenzi (Cannibal Ferox)! This release boats a brand NEW 2K Restoration!

88 Vault opens its doors again on 8th October with this Ozploitation classic from 1980! With a cast that includes such acclaimed thespians as Robert Powell (Tommy) and David Hemmings (Deep Red), the thrills come thick and fast in this oddball curiosity that, once seen, is hard to forget - exactly what one might expect from a script penned by the legendary Ozploitation hand Everett De Roche (Long Weekend, Patrick, Road Games, Fortress)!


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