[Trailer] 'Sniper Corpse' Re-Animates Dead Soldiers Into Unstoppable Killers

Other Dimension Films Ltd has just finished its second full length feature film Sniper Corpse after the success of its debut feature Silverhide which was picked up for DVD distribution in the UK and Australia by 101 Films Ltd. I'm rather excited to share this new trailer with you, especially if you love splattery practical effects! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Synopsis: The Government are using dead soldiers for Top Secret missions. The widow of one of them is determined to find out where her husbands body has disappeared to. Then the bodies start to realize that they are actually dead...

Sniper Corpse is a feature length action/horror film produced in Kent, England by director Keith R Robinson starring Eleri Jones, Kit Smith and Jordan Murphy.

The film will be playing at festivals worldwide throughout 2018.


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