[Trailer] Fan Film 'The Spirit of Haddonfield' Brings Back "The Boogeyman"

Director Rene Rivas has released the official trailer for fan film The Spirit of Haddonfield and it really showcases how much love an passion went into the making of this short.

"Hannah, 17, Fights for her life when she is confronted by a terror that has haunted the small town of Haddonfield for over 40 years.

The Spirit of Haddonfield is No Budget Fan-Fiction / Not-For-Profit short fan film. It was made with pure passion out of respect to the greatest horror classic of all time, Halloween."

Michael Myers will be played by Vincente Disante who wrote, directed and starred as Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th short film Never Hike Alone.

The short will be available on YouTube for FREE on October 1st!


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