Elvira Collection Available Now From Cavitycolors

Grab your popcorn, and let the titillating terror begin! Cavitycolors officially licensed Elvira collection is available now!

The collection brings us two new apparel designs, a brand new Creepy Carver Pin, and Patches for the Queen herself, Elvira.

Cavitycolors via Facebook: "This stunning new design by Devon Whitehead is a flashback to a simpler time. The days of hanging out at our local video store and endlessly browsing the HORROR section, drooling over the hand painted covers with drippy logos and catchy tag lines. The endless wonder of what insanity awaited inside every box. It was a quest for the next spooky fix, that to this day, has never been satisfied. The local stores may have closed, but the hunt will always continue."

Featuring designs by Devon Draws, Nacho Scratcho, and Hillary White Rabbit.


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