'Little Shop of Horrors' Pop! & "SuperCute Plush" Announced By Funko!

Relive the 1986 Warner Bros. Pictures cult classic rock musical with this Pop! line that will have you singing “Feed me, Seymour.”

The collection features Seymour holding a small Audrey II, the man eating plant, Seymour’s love interest Audrey and her savage dentist boyfriend also make an appearance, along with Audrey II and a bloody chase indicating the plant recently fed. Available in August!

An adorable Baby Audrey II is also available at Target.

SuperCute Plush: Little Shop of Horrors- 12" Audrey II

Don’t let the SuperCute Plush exterior fool you. Audrey II is a man-eater. Sure, she’s got some decent vocal cords and a proven ability to attract an adoring crowd, but they don’t call the movie Little Shop of Horrors for nothing. Add the 12” Audrey II SuperCute Plush to your collection, but keep a safe distance and don’t obey any of Audrey II’s orders. Audrey II is available at Hot Topic!


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