Anthony Perkins-Hosted Anthology Series "Chillers" Coming To DVD In October

Golden Globe winner Anthony Perkins (Psycho) delves into the darkest depths of human nature as the host of "Chillers", a deliciously evil anthology series based on Patricia Highsmith's hair-raising short stories. The complete 12-part anthology series will be available on DVD October 30th from Mill Creek Entertainment! Featuring a stellar cast including Ian McShane, Tuesday Weld, Ian Holm, Bill Nighy, Ian Richardson, Marisa Berenson, and more - imagine tales so bone-chilling cold, you'll beg for a warm bed to hide under. Contents: Episode 1: The Cat Brought It In Episode 2: Sauce for the Goose Episode 3: Old Folks at Home Episode 4: The Thrill Seeker Episode 5: The Day of Reckoning Episode 6: Puzzle Episode 7: Slowly, Slowly in the Wind Episode 8: A Curious Suicide Episode 9: A Bird Poised to Fly Episode 10: The Stuff of Madness Episode 11: Under a Dark Angel's Eye Episode 12: Something You Have to Live With


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