Varèse Sarabande Just Released The First Vinyl Pressing Of John Carpenter's 'Ghosts Of Mars&

The next exclusive Varèse Sarabande vinyl is John Carpenter's Ghosts Of Mars with music by the director himself. Carpenter composed all the music, but hired an all-star band to perform it. Guitar heroes Steve Vai and Buckethead, thrash-metal originators Anthrax, Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails, Guns N Roses), and Elliot Easton (The Cars) are among the musicians that have sold millions of albums in their other projects.

This is the first ever LP release of John Carpenter's Ghost of Mars soundtrack! Limited to only 500 copies, each in their own hand numbered jacket. Carpenter has had a major resurgence as an artist/composer in recent years with sold out tours and the release of two studio albums, Lost Themes (2015), and Lost Themes II (2016). A newly recorded anthology of his movie themes was released in 2017. Ghost of Mars is the latest in a string of LP albums from Carpenter films receiving well-deserved new attention. Varese has released several incarnations of Carpenter’s classic soundtrack for Christine, including a red colored version (limited to 500 pieces) available only at


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