One Way Static Releasing 'Cannibal Ferox' Original Motion Picture Sountrack On Vinyl

One Way Static has announced that their next vinyl release will be the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Umberto Lenzi's Cannibal Ferox. This release features the original 1981 score plus four additional bonus tracks. Also included is an insert containing exclusive and extensive liner notes by Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Roberto Donati and Robert Kerman. Black and Blue Swirl vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.

Like many of the Italian cannibal films, the soundtrack is just as powerful and effective as the disturbing butchery. The use of funk guitar, bass, rock piano and synthesizer makes for a fun yet still powerful sound. It’s '70s recklessness with an '80s sensibility; perfect for a film that rides the line between two decades. Surprisingly funky and light-hearted, then again, there are cues which are genuinely mean and foreboding, serving as an essential piece that makes the film a pulse-pounding inferno of death.

On sale this Wednesdays at noon (CT) via!


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