[Review] Billy Ray Brewton's 'Show Yourself' Is A Simple But Complex Story Of Grief

Show Yourself proves a worthy ghost or grief story with an unassuming tone that fulfills viewers expectations. It is a story of friendship. It is a story loss. And managing that loss. It is a story of memories and how some haunt us to the bitter end.

It's safe to say writer/director, Billy Ray Brewton knew exactly what he had in mind when he envisioned Show Yourself. A less is more approach that, given the subject matter, works on a plethora of levels. Most important level of all being, what it means to be human. Exploring the more quiet moments of dealing with loss whilst in seclusion. Anyone having experienced something similar will find it all too easy to remember having gone through the motions we see Travis, played by Ben Hethcoat, go through.

Travis takes a few days away from friends, family, and job to scatter the ashes of his recently deceased friend, Paul. A cabin in seclusion. Memories sift through the pine trees. The longer Travis stays the more his mind plays tricks on him. Or is it REALLY his mind, or something else? For there is a presence with him in the woods. Paul? Or maybe it isn't human at all...

Show Yourself is a simple but complex. It may not be the most entertaining piece of cinema to the short attention span but those that watch and stick it through will appreciate its honesty.

Billy Ray Brewton's Show Yourself Comes to DVD and VOD Nationwide on August 14th. Order your copy today!


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