Final Images For Amok Time's 'Re-Animator' And 'Creepshow' Figure Double-Packs

It looks like we'll be getting these awesome new figures from Amok Time even sooner! These Re-Animator and Creepshow double-packs were originally planned to release this November but the company recently announced they'll now be arriving in October! Re-Animator Action Figure 2 Pack Features: Dr. Herbert West in lab coat:

  • 8 points of articulation (Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Waist and Hips)

  • Needle of "Reagent"

  • Figure stand

Dr. Carl Hill features:

  • 7 points of articulation (Neck, Shoulders, Elbows and wrists)

  • 2 interchangeable Heads (Regular Dr. Hill and Medical model head)

  • 2 sets of interchangeable hands (regular hands and holding Dr. Hill's severed head)

  • Dr. Carl Hill "Bat Head"

  • Figure stand

  • Fantastically packaged in a retro styled card.

  • Limited to only 1650 pieces!

Creepshow Action Figure 2 Pack Features:

  • Harry Wentworth, 4" tall with 9 points of articulation.

  • Becky Vickers, 3.65" tall with 6 points of articulation.

  • 2 pieces of clip on sea weed

  • Figure stand

  • Frightfully packaged in a retro styled card


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