'Tearful Surrender: A Supernatural Tale of Terror' Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Get ready to surrender to your deepest fears and darkest fantasies with Tearful Surrender, the next feature film from Dreams For Dead Cats Productions, LLC (DDCP)!

"It’s our biggest, goriest, and most ambitious project yet, and it will be shot in England to capture the ultimate gothic atmosphere integral to the story and mood of Tearful Surrender!"

Tearful Surrender is a dark, surreal fantasy/horror film inspired by 70's & 80's cult horror films, tales & folklore of sirens, vampires, & mermaids, films of Hammer Horror, Jean Rollin, and Ken Russell, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

The film focuses on the desolate and immortal life of a beautifully haunting mate-hungry seductress from the sea who must feast on humans to survive! With her team of witches, masked characters, and creepy townspeople, the SIREN lures victims to their grisly deaths!

The Writer/Director of Tearful Surrender, Cassandra Sechler, has just launched the crowdfunding campaign for this unique, macabre project. So take a look and support underground horror!

Tearful Surrender stars Morrigan Hel (Self Induced Nightmares, Serial Kaller), Eileen Daly (Razor Blade Smile, Pervirella), Sophia Disgrace (Spidarlings, Kung Fu and Titties), Nathan Head (Theatre of Fear, The Toymaker, Hellriser), Morganna Bramah (Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire), Joseph Stacey (Half Light, Solace), Chris Lines (Whiteblade, H.P. Lovecraft’s The Terrible Old Man), Shelley Krasnowski, Nick Cornwall (Absentia, Da Vinci's Demons), Lindy Pieri (Age of the Living Dead, Welcome to Essex), Cassandra Sechler (Elliot, Dolly Deadly, Wireboy), and other cult talent such as Zara DuRose, SarahTonin.


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