The Horrors Of Blumhouse Return To Halloween Horror Nights For Another Year Of Scares

This is not a test. Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights…has announced the commencement of an all-new Horrors of Blumhouse haunted house.

Featuring scenes from the hit films Happy Death Day and The First Purge, this haunted house will have you running for your life. Survival is key as you encounter not only Happy Death Day’s Babyface Killer, but also the nation’s very first wave of Purgers.

You’ll witness a college student trying to break a murderous cycle in Happy Death Day. Your dread will grow with every step as you relive her death over and over again. Who is her killer? You’ll find out as you fight to survive an unknown entity wearing all black and the mask of the college mascot.

Next, they’re taking you back to the beginning to show you how The First Purge came about and how the nation changed—when all crime became legal for one night. As soon as the siren sounds, it’s every person for themselves. Purgers have come to join in, so if you haven’t already locked yourself inside, and hope you’re able to survive the night.

In this haunted house, there is no escape.

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