Scooter McCrae's Acclaimed Short Film 'Saint Frankenstein' Now Streaming For Free On Vim

In the latest from legendary underground NYC writer/director Scooter McCrae (Shatter Dead, Sixteen Tongues), a call girl visits a badly-scarred client at a rundown motel and gets more than she bargained for once clothing is shed and a mysterious history behind a legendary name begins to unfold.

Produced by Alex Kuciw (V/H/S) and starring exploitation icon Tina Krause and model Melanie Gaydos (Insidious: The Last Key), Saint Frankenstein has won awards around the world, screening at numerous festivals and raking in countless accolades for its stunning cinematography, introspective performances, and powerful, dark melancholy that evokes filmmaking of bygone decades. The film's sumptuous score from frequent Fulci collaborator Fabio Frizzi (City of the Living Dead, The Beyond) is a stunning, modern ode to classic Eurohorror.

Saint Frankenstein is now available for FREE on Vimeo or you can stream it below. The film is suggested for mature audiences. It features strong language, violence, and nudity.


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