[Review] Jennifer Wexler's 'The Ranger'

What a bizarre yet constantly fun little horror flick. The Ranger took me by surprise with it's own take on a slasher (if you can call it that) film. Writer/Director Jennifer Wexler had a clear vision of what she wanted The Ranger to be and executed it exceptionally well.

The Ranger opens in the past. A little girl talking to a park ranger over a no-crust sandwich. Which is cut by the park ranger with an oversized knife. Something is off. But we the audience are clueless. Cops barge in on this quaint little meal which leads us to the opening credits. The credits are very punk. Very 80's. Naturally - I'm in.

Now in the present we join a group of teens, definitely in the punk scene, snorting something interesting in the basement of a music club. Clearly some bad "motorscooters." At that moment, cops show up to the club, we snatch up the drugs and evade with the cast. Specifically with our main character, Chelsea (Chloe Levine) who has a backpack full of drugs. With limited escape routes, Chelsea tries for freedom through the alleyway. There's just one problem, a cop blocks her exit. Then hope wearing a black leather jacket appears. His name is Garth. Garth has his own idea on how to get away. Let's just say it involves an APB being put out on them.

Now on the run, the kids decide to go to a cabin. The cabin we started the movie in. Chelsea appears apprehensive. We'll soon learn why.

Cast was great. Story was crisp. It was fun. It was simple. It felt familiar and yet it's undeniably original. If you like horror films, you'll like this one. You'll be bummed it wasn't just a tad bit longer.

The Ranger hits L.A.'s Laemmle Music Hall September 7th!


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