'It's Just A Game' Was Supposed To Be A Night Of Fun But It Ended In Murder

From the mind of Daniel Emery Taylor, an actor best known for The Return of the Swamp Thing and a writer/director best known for The Hospital, comes a twisted tale of teenage bullying, jealousy, angst, and a bizarre theatre cult intent on summoning the spirit of an ancient witch.

Taylor’s solo directorial debut, It's Just A Game is an ethereal, haunting supernatural thriller with a giallo sensibility. Bringing a tale that is as fresh as it is indescribable, Taylor promises a change of direction from his previous work. “I wanted to present something that nobody else could: something born solely in my mind. Sure, you can see my influences – you can see the Argento, the Refn, the Raimi, the Hitchcock – but I am pleased that what I have is uniquely Daniel Emery Taylor.”

“The biggest complaint I hear from horror fans is that they want something new. Well, I’m bringing them something new.”

The It's Just A Game premiere is being presented and hosted by the renowned Hollywood Palms Cinema in Naperville, Illinois (just a short jaunt from O’Hare Airport & downtown Chicago) in conjunction with Taylor’s Debtor Entertainment and The HSPPA/Horror & Sci-Fi Prop Preservation Association. Hollywood Palms Cinema is a one-of-a-kind dine-in theater concept, offering an extensive menu and a full-service bar with a wide selection of beer, wine and spirits.

Attendees will receive a 11×17 poster and a very special companion piece to be announced soon. There will also be a Q&A after the film featuring Taylor, actor/producer James Azrael, film star Hannah Cohen-Lawlor, and Skullgirl, herself, Rachel Marshall. Finally, there will be an HSPPA exhibit of wardrobe and props from the film.

It's Just A Game boasts an impressive cast and crew. “In my estimation, Bill Schweikert is one of the best directors of photography in the business. What he does with the camera is artistry. I have also had an incredible time working with editor Daniel J. Pico (CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO, FAREWELL DARKNESS). You often think of editing as being very technical but his vision is every bit as big of a part of this as James and mine are.”

Taylor seems most excited when talking about some of the new talent he worked with. “Hannah Cohen-Lawlor is the star of this film – in more ways than one. A prodigious performance. One day she will be a star and I will take full credit for discovering her, haha. Sarah Kopkin is tremendous. Rachel Fiona Marshall as Skullgirl absolutely shines and stands to join the echelon of great horror character actors. Leah Hudspeth was recommended to me by most everyone I knew and I couldn’t be happier that I cast her. The performances that she and Alex Zuko give are electric. They have tremendous chemistry. They’re sexy, funny, and scary … pretty much everything you want in this kind of project.”

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