Fantasy-Horror Throwback Film 'Apocalypse Rising' Is Now Available On DVD And VOD

Fantasy-horror throwback Apocalypse Rising, starring rising movie muscle Shane Samples, is now available on VOD and DVD. Below you'll find the film's trailer and poster. This one looks like a mash-up of multiple genres and if it's executed correctly, it could be a fun ride! Let us know what you think!

In the film, Mia is an extrasensory teenage girl living on the planet Rathe, a world besieged by the undead. After a violent last stand, Mia and her warrior friends escape their world in a spacecraft.

Shane Samples headlines a cast including Hunter Park (Anamoly) and Johanna Rae (Psychos) in a Richard Lowry film Apocalypse Rising, now on DVD and VOD from Gravitas Ventures and Giant Meteor Films.


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